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Trade on more markets for less.

We're giving any investor the ability to trade on any share market, from anywhere in the world using traditional and digital currencies.
STAX Trade
Whether you're buying $500 or $50,000 worth of shares or ETFs, only pay one low brokerage fee. Simple.
Trade over 2,500 shares and ETFs on the ASX and SSX. More international markets coming 2021.
Join thousands of STAX users across Australia, Asia and beyond. We're creating the future of retail investing.
Crypto exchange and crypto investing (buy listed and private company shares with crypto) coming 2021.

STAX of features for first-timers & expert traders alike.

With dashboards, watchlists & to-the-minute news, STAX Trade gives you the tools to stay ahead of the pack.

Flat Fee

/ trade*
$0 account fees & $0 ongoing fees.
*Introductory pricing available for a limited time only.
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Live company releases & news articles
Conditional orders & stop losses
High-level stock analysis
Unlimited watchlists
Custom dashboards
Advanced charting (90+ indicators)
Market depth & course of sales

Own your own Shares

Your shares traded are CHESS sponsored and owned by you directly, under your own HIN. No middlemen to worry about.

Custom Dashboards

Keep your eye on the market at large, track an individual index or hone in on individual stocks with unlimited custom dashboards.

Advanced Charting

Carry out meticulous technical analysis on your stocks with functionality usually reserved for professional traders.

News & Analytics

Monitor market depth and course of sales, as well as in-app ASX/SSX releases and third-party financial news.

All Order Types

Take control of your trades with Day, GTC (Good 'Til Canceled), Conditional and Stop-loss orders.

Watchlists & Alerts

Keep an eye on potential trades and schedule email & push alerts based on price, daily volume and up-to-date news.

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Breaking down investment barriers one by one.

We believe that everybody should have access to the same, high-quality investments – from private Aussie startups to public Fortune 500 unicorns – no matter where they are in the world.

International Markets

Trade on international markets like NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE, HKEX, and SSE at the same, low cost per trade.

Crypto Trading

Buy, hold and sell cryptocurrencies AND use your holdings to purchase private and public company shares.

Private Company Investment

Access our all-in-one platform where you can execute trades & monitor your holdings in both public and private companies.
Q2 2021

Local ASX & SSX Trading

Enabling Australian investors to trade on local markets. Australian Stock Exchange & Sydney Stock Exchange trading currently live.

Overseas ASX & SSX Trading

Opening the door for overseas investors to trade on Australian exchanges for a significantly lower cost per trade than alternative platforms.

Q3 2021
Q4 2021

International Markets Trading

We're bringing New York, London, Tokyo and Shanghai to your doorstep. Trade shares on international markets using your STAX Trade account.

Overseas Crypto Trading

Investors anywhere in the world will be able to buy and sell Australian-listed shares using both FIAT (e.g. AUD) and cryptocurrency. This means easier access, lower costs and whole lot less hassle.

Q1 2022
Q2 2022

All-in-one Investment Platform

Access private opportunities available on STAX Platform AND publicly-listed shares available on STAX Trade from a single interface. One platform. One Wallet. Tens of thousands of public and private opportunities.


Making equity equal
for everyone.

We've known for a long time that blockchain technology has the potential to make global investment and trading cheaper and more secure. And that's exactly what we're doing.
STAX Trade

Trade your way around the world.

Use traditional and digital currencies (such as BTC and USDT) to invest on any share market, worldwide.

Enjoy cheaper trades and capitalise on global opportunities from the ASX, NASDAQ and beyond.

We're bridging the gap between crypto and capital markets.
STAX Trade
STAX Platform

Invest in early stage Aussie companies.

Our firstborn, STAX Platform is our online investment and capital raising platform.

Here, up-and-coming businesses launch equity fundraising campaigns, and investors buy in using traditional or digital currency.

We're bringing private securities to the retail market.
STAX Platform
See Live Offers on STAX Platform.
STAX Brokerage

Convert your crypto to equity.

STAX Brokerage enables you to convert traditional currency (such as AUD and USD) into digital currencies (such as BTC and USDT) and vice versa.

We're making it easier to invest in private and publicly-listed companies on STAX Trade and STAX Platform using nothing but digital currencies – no more forex or red tape headaches.
STAX Brokerage
Crypto stock purchases coming late 2021.
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